Dr. Brown founded A Very Special Place to help people understand and adopt the living principles of Emotional Intelligence™.  The height of emotional and physical wellness is achieved by identifying, managing and late removing personal and environmental triggers that are the causes of emotional instability.  Dr. Brown defines the process of discovery and correction as Emotional Intelligence™.
For over 20 years Dr. Brown has helped people manage depression, anxiety, phoebias and disorders.  Her therapy sessions have allowed people to not just live with these conditions, but to thrive. A Very Special Place is symbolic of the tranquility within us all.  It is the place where we feel the safest and most secured.  Your Very Special Place is deeply rooted and cannot be accessed by a loved one, family or friends. Just you.

Dr. Brown's principles of Emotional Intelligence™ has, for many years, successfully guided people to discovery of their Very Special Place.  The entire process involves:
  • Review of personal expectations and goals
  • Explore sources of extreme stress (known and subconscious)
  • Identify and monitor emotional patterns
  • Establish avoidance strategies for harmful emotional triggers
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Dr. Brown has also dedicated a significant portion of her practice specifically to strengthening the family unit.  Below are programs she developed to address specific issues relating to General Parenting, First-Time Parenting and Elder Care.

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Is About Discovery

Prerequisite to discovery is awareness. GLO-n' provides stability for the unpredictability of life. We heighten your senses to Live, Love, Observe and Plan through a comprehensive program involving immersive human interaction and technology solutions.
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