Having personally experienced the joys and disappointments of parenthood, Dr. Brown is committed to helping mothers and fathers overcome parental challenges and strengthen family ties.

At the heart of Dr. Brown's Parents Guidance Program is recognition that each family member is an individual, with individual methods of communication and personal needs.  This concept appears overly simplistic, but it is one of incredible importance. Parents too often lose their identity while raising a child.  Certainly some sacrifices are required.  However, parents are finding it increasingly difficult to know where to draw the line. Conversely, our children may not be sacrificing enough. Some fall victim to entitlement behavior that is widely broadcast by popular television programs.

Dr. Brown uses her experience as a mother and skills as a Licensed Psychotherapist to help diffuse family issues that threaten to push relationships further apart. She has had tremendous success exploring the needs and concerns of individual family members first, before addressing family unit issues.  This approach most often yields happier and healthier individuals, as opposed to yielding just happier parents or kids.
Becoming a parent is one of the most exhilarating and rewarding of life experiences. However, parenting can be as challenging as it is rewarding.  This statement is true for women of all ages, but especially resonates among Teen and 1st Time Parents.  The weight of responsibility can be daunting to new parents who are not properly prepared.

Dr. Brown has developed a specialized program to help 1st Time Parents work through parental challenges. Her program helps reduce stress that originates throughout all stages of parenthood. Dr. Brown provides support and counseling to 1st Parents who may become anxious over getting adequate prenatal care for their child, or despondent for not having the time nor energy to chase after their toddler.

The 1st Time Parenting Program is unique because of its two stage approach. Dr. Brown first supports the parent as an individual person before supporting the parent she or he hopes to become. Dr. Brown strongly believes self awareness is the ultimate contributor to excellent parenting skills.

Dr. Brown creates a warm and inviting environment for 1st Time Parents to share their concerns. Under her guidance and support, 1st Time Parents will learn to:
  • Remain calm and think through stressful events that are typically associated with becoming a parent
  • Set personal goals to maintain one's individuality and raise self esteem
  • Establish family goals that will ensure positive child development
  • Experience the full joys of parenthood

Dr. Brown offers the unique combination of counseling and management services to families serving as caregivers to an elderly loved one.  As a practicing NYS Licensed Psychotherapist, Dr. Brown thoroughly understands the levels of stress caregivers are likely to endure. She offers relief and helps caregivers prevent interruptions in productivity at work and home.  

Dr. Brown is very knowledgeable about state and local Elder-Care regulations, and has relationships with Elder-Care municipal agencies. Her broad professional network is comprised of state and local politicians, community leaders, physicians and hospital administrators. Dr. Brown's network connections  make it possible for her to provide comprehensive Elder-Care Management Services.  These services help family members navigate through  the often difficult process of seeking trustworthy support for an elderly family member in need.

Dr. Brown is dedicated to providing the therapeutic and functional resources to allow the elderly to live independently and safely in their homes for as long as they can. These services will be provided with a high degree of professionalism and compassion.